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The Brand

Our strategy at CIRCA Bicycle Company is not to revolutionize the bicycle industry, but rather to focus on simple frame construction built with appropriate materials and outfitted with solid component packages. CIRCA Bicycles is an extension of our strong brand name at Bensimon Design and include the same principles of design and quality craftsmanship that go into every piece we produce. This includes personalized geometric shape and size, appealling aesthetics, and styling that provides the true ingredients for the dedicated rider.


CIRCA Bicycle Company began as a passion project by founder Moise Bensimon of Toronto. Already known for his work at Bensimon Design, a company that designs and builds upscale custom carpentry works, Moise is excited to add his blueprints for bespoke bikes to his repertoire. These bikes include models for Gravel, City Singles, Cyclo-cross, and Road riding. It is our mission at CIRCA Bicycle Company to make you identify with a part of cycling's great history. In the day of high tech composite materials, and advanced manufacturing processes, the overall quality of the average bike has improved dramatically. Can they be built lighter? Stronger? Of course they can. But in a market full of constantly changing standards and more and more "must have" accessories, we strive to simplify and allow you to just enjoy the ride. We guarantee that your custom bike will turn heads. 


Not long ago, custom frames were reserved for those with disposable budgets whom demanded only the best of the best. With stock framesets from big branded bikes now priced much higher and yet still designed with stock formulas, we see the gap shrinking between making custom builds an accessible and realistic option to the more discerning cyclist.
With steel and titanium, tube diameter and gauge can be selected to match specific requirements. By combining data including frame dimensions, rider weight and fitness level, rider style, etc we can maximize compliance and capitalize on the well known material characteristics of the metals.
 Proper fit is the most overlooked aspect and yet it is a critical consideration. The single most important character of your bike is how it fits, unique to your body and shape and how you intend to use it.
 All of this translates to a bike that feels naturally comfortable and inspires and motivates it’s rider to ride more. Our process:
⁃     initial consultation to understand rider requirements and expectations       
⁃     provide estimate / budget range       
⁃     fit assessment       
⁃     CAD drawing       
⁃     Spec sheet - includes components (pricing and availability) reviewed during design phase       
⁃     Procurement and fabrication       
⁃     Ride and micro fit


Higher air volume in tires makes your ride more comfortable and you don’t need any suspension. You can change the pressure in tires according to the surface to reach perfect feeling. The combination of all previous characteristics gives you the new experience of comfortable ride beyond all expectations.


Due to the position of the center of gravity of your body which is closer relative to the wheel axles, the feeling of the riding is different. You feel yourself more IN than ON the bicycle. Then the ride is more stable. Thanks to the longer inertia of the wheels the gyroscopic moment is huge, the bike keeps direction and you can ride with hands up anytime even at low speed.


Despite the big wheels, the geometry of frame is developed for a wide range of riders. The rider’s position is like on standard cross or MTB bike, the only difference: big wheels as a bonus! Three sizes of the frame combined with proper components fit the vast scale of various heights of bikers. 


It is obvious that if we use standard gears but bigger wheels, the speed you can reach is higher because one pedal revolution covers a longer distance of the bicycle. You will need more power of course but once you reach the wanted speed you can maintain it very easily!


You can be sure that you are the one and only with such a bike when you hit the road. Our production is bespoke! It means you can control the whole process of the production of your dream bike. You can choose not only colours of the parts, size of the frame but also equipment. Thus, you can fully customise your bike as you wish.


Rolling over rocks, roots, curbs and stairs is smooth thanks to the big wheels. The riding through obstacles is now easy as Sunday morning. The big diameter of the wheel causes that the angle you need to overcome is low and you don’t need to use any force to pull up the front of the bike. Just don’t stop to pedal, Circa Bike goes like a tank straight ahead…



Do not hesitate to contact or come to us if you have any problem with your bike. You can find us here:

  • 4 Park Avenue
    Hamilton ON L9H 5A8
  • +1  4167375806 
  • info@circa.bike