• The Brand

    Our strategy at CIRCA Bicycle Company is not to revolutionize the bicycle industry, but rather to focus on simple frame construction built with appropriate materials and outfitted with solid component packages. CIRCA Bicycles is an extension of our strong brand name at Bensimon Design and include the same principles of design and quality craftsmanship that go into every piece we produce.This includes personalized geometric shape and size, appealling aesthetics, and styling that provides the true ingredients for the dedicated rider.

  • The Frames

    Our frames are made of  3AL/2.5v Titanium. We selected Titanium for its excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, along with strength that will guarantee a CIRCA Bike’s place in history.Whether you're riding a CIRCA Gravel, City Single, Cyclo-Cross or Road, the geometry and some design details will vary. CIRCA has a formula for frame layout to provide a great balance in providing exceptional performance and comfort, without conforming to rigid rules and expectations of the individual cycling disciplines.

  • The Backstory

    CIRCA Bicycle Company began as a passion project by founder Moise Bensimon of Toronto. Already known for his work at Bensimon Design, a company that designs and builds upscale custom carpentry works, Moise is excited to add his blueprints for bespoke bikes to his repertoire. These bikes include models for Gravel, City Singles, Cyclo-cross, and Road riding.It is our mission at CIRCA Bicycle Company to make you identify with a part of cycling's great history. In the day of high tech composite materials, and advanced manufacturing processes, the overall quality of the average bike has improved dramatically. Can they be built lighter? Stronger? Of course they can. But in a market full of constantly changing standards and more and more "must have" accessories, we strive to simplify and allow you to just enjoy the ride. We guarantee that your custom bike will turn heads. 

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